Popcorn Kitchen

SPEC automated the plant and provided on-site support for install and construction management. Supervisory PLC system allows for all manual processes to be automated

  • Transfer of all raw, formulated, and final mixed ingredients and finished product
  • Recipe creation, selection, and management
Fondant and Icing Kitchen

PLC Fully Automated System Control Panel

Automatic adjustment and operation of all system functions per storage and memory for up to 20 distinct recipes

Includes: documentation, electrical design and schematics, PLC programming, HMI (touch screen) programming

Cellulose Processing

SPEC designed, planned, and implemented a custom fit project for a leading food ingredient manufacturer. Complete process control system automated the equipment, while engineering a flexible and expandable process to allow for future capacity and cross system utilization.

Polmyer Manufacturing

Integrated PLC controls systems were developed for trending data and real-time Reactor monitoring. Capacity was doubled from existing system by incorporating a new Reactor with automated controls. The previous system utilized manual controls. Now minimal downtown is needed.