As technology continues to evolve, SPEC Automation strives to incorporate new integration features to provide our customers with the highest quality of products, maintenance, and customer support. By utilizing integration technologies such as I/O Link and Ethernet IP, installation time and component costs are minimized, while still providing additional functionality and diagnostic information to the system.

  • IO Link
  • Numatics Valve Manifolds
  • Flowmeters
  • Scale Controllers
  • VFDs
  • Temperature Transmitters
  • Level Sensors


SPEC Automation remains dedicated to design interfaces that provide ease of use to the end user. The HMI provides simple monitoring of your system to ensure that a successful process is achieved.

Using color and visibility, our team can provide you with custom HMI screens that allow for accurate representation of product flow. Displaying real time values during the process lets operators verify their system is running effectively and efficiently.

Data Acquisition

SPEC Automation also has the capabilities to perform data logging for customers. Data logging allows you to keep a record of any data point in the process including weights, temperatures, and pressures. Data logging can even be saved to a mobile flash-drive and analyzed on any PC with compatible spreadsheet software, such as excel. This allows you to plot and obtain a visual representation of the process history.


SPEC is a leader for providing solutions in the area of process weighing. Applications include legal for trade weighing of inbound raw materials or scaling of ingredients for batching or blending process. SPEC utilizes high precision load cells and scale controllers to meet each applications needs including the demands of harsh wash down environments or hazardous area locations.

We have experience implementing successful scaling and weight management systems in the following industries:

  • Ingredient Handling
    • Large granulates
    • Powders
    • Liquids
  • Raw Material Handling
    • Minerals
    • Specialty Chemicals
  • Product Transferring
    • Cements
    • Plastics


Our team of engineers provides you with the expertise to select and install the optimal PLC for your system. With our knowledge and experience using PlantPax and Distributed I/O based systems, we can help advise on methods to help improve efficiencies and productivity of your current system, as well as plan for future system expansions.